VOLUNTEERS’ CONNECT (July 2020 Edition)

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How do we consistently and sustainably impact on humanity in a dynamic and ever changing world, especially as Covid-19 presents us with a new normal?
At July Edition of Volunteers’ Connect, we had David Fakayode, the co-founder of Go For It Africa, address us on the topic: Covid-19: Cross-cutting Ideas for Sustainable Impact.
At the webinar, David talked extensively on the Sustainable Development Goals and the interconnection between the goals. He went further to define sustainability as a balance between production and consumption, such that both present and future needs of the society is met.
He mentioned the tripod of sustainable development to be:
  • Social acceptability
  • Economic viability
  • Environmental compatibility
David expatriate the need for both financial sustainability and scalability of social projects. He went ahead to take questions from the volunteers which he answered impressively.
It was such an interesting, informative and interactive session.