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As part of the agenda of the inauguration ceremony, there was a creative spoken word rendition about the need to rescue the rural areas from poverty and hunger by Xrenegade_1 (Aniakor Chijindu Amen  by  birth).

You can listen to the audio:


Spirits of development

Hands of fortune

Come and straighten my back old and bent

Help me dance to civilization’s tune


Why do you evade me?

Why do you pass over my door post?

Why do you not invite me to your rallies?

Why do you leave misfortune and illiteracy to choke my throats?


Spirits of urbanization

Whenever I eat my food

I instantly fall ill

My water is never good

And yet you continue to drill


You drill and drill me

To give your cars my resources to drink

You power your generators and yet I have no electricity

Your yachts and luxury ships float while I sink


Spirits of technology

You cut down my trees

To ensure the continuity of your newspapers

Yet my children do not write down my pleas

For they not know what to do with a pen and paper


Spirits of the modern world

Hear my voice crying out

Listen to my badly formed words

My dying culture cries aloud


My young and old

Suffer from what you call Malaria

Prevent and cure I ask noble and bold

Help my people, your people for we are one Nigeria


Oohhh! Great spirits

Arise to my cause

Abolish ignorant tradition’s limits

Make my villages the cause for applause


Hearken to my cries

For I grow weaker….. Save me now before I die

© Xrenegade_1, 2019

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  1. Jay

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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