We are ensuring access to healthcare for rural households through advocacy, sensitization and free medical care in rural and hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria.
As of today, only about 43.3% of Nigerians have access to basic health care and majority of the deprived are from the rural areas. Up to 59% of sub-Saharan Africans and 55% of the Nigerian population live in the rural areas.
Also, majority of rural areas in Nigeria are experiencing challenges accessing water services. According to NDHS 2018, 42% of rural households still depend on unimproved sources for their drinking water in Nigeria, compared to 26% of urban households, with unprotected dug wells (22%) and surface water (15%) being the most common unimproved sources in rural households (NDHS, 2018). Lack of clean water and sanitation are major contributors to avoidable death and disease including diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition, lymphatic filariasis, etc., in rural communities.
Providing access to quality health care and WASH facilities for the rural communities is vital towards improving their health and general well-being.
Health4Rural Programme is playing a key role in making healthcare accessible for the rural and hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria.

What we do?


  • We engage in online and offline health advocacy and campaigns for inclusive and quality healthcare service in rural communities.

Mobile Health Care

  • Through our mobile health care project, we take healthcare services to the rural people (farmers), where they are, thereby making healthcare accessible in remote rural communities.


  • In our fight against malaria in rural areas, we have conducted free malaria tests, provided medication and insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITN) for rural dwellers in Nigeria.

Community health awareness and sensitization

  • We have organised several health sensitization programmes in rural communities and covered topics like Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Covid-19 protocol, Oral Health Care and Personal Hygiene.

Oral Health Care

  • We have conducted free dental check up and distributed free oral healthcare kits to adults and children in rural areas. This was achieved in strategic partnership with Colgate Palmolive Company.

Safe Rural Water Project

  • We are increasing access to safe water among at-risk communities in Nigeria. We provide clean water through portable water facilities like protected wells and borehole construction in rural communities. This is also to contribute to the actualization of SDG 6 aimed at Clean Water and Sanitation.
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COVID-19 Project

  • We engaged in social media sensitisation as well as free distribution of nose masks for personal protection in rural communities.

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