Rural Nurture Initiative (RNI) is a dynamic non-governmental organisation dedicated to facilitating inclusive and sustainable rural development in Africa.

We are committed to empowering rural communities, fostering resilience, and catalysing positive change through innovative, eclectic, and community-centred approaches.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa where rurality embodies prosperity, dignity, and opportunities for all

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform rural Africa into vibrant, empowered communities where poverty is no longer synonymous with rurality. We strive to ensure that all rural dwellers have equitable access to essential resources, fostering sustainable living and unlocking their fullest potential..


Objective: Create environments where individuals actively participate in shaping their destinies, driving positive change within their communities.

Guiding Principle: Prioritise community-centred initiatives, respect local knowledge, promote local leadership, foster ownership and participatory decision-making processes.

Objective: Ensure that development initiatives consider diverse demographics, promoting equal opportunities for all, and addressing gender, age, and socio-economic disparities.

Guiding Principle: Uphold principles of equity and inclusion, actively involving marginalised groups in decision-making and ensuring that development benefits reach all community members.

Objective: Promote practices that safeguard natural resources, mitigate environmental degradation, and support the long-term health of ecosystems.

Guiding Principle: Advocate for responsible stewardship of the environment, prioritise conservation efforts, and promote sustainable land use and resource management practices.

Objective: Advocate for policies and practices that support sustainable rural development, social justice, and the well-being of rural communities at local, national, and international levels.

Guiding Principle: Engage in evidence-based advocacy, collaborate with stakeholders, and amplify the voices of rural communities to influence policies and decisions that promote equitable and sustainable development outcomes.

Objective: Foster partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, academia, and local organisations, to leverage resources, expertise, and collective efforts.

Guiding Principle: Prioritise collaborative approaches, value diversity of perspectives, and prioritise transparent and mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and shared goals.

Objective: Uphold transparency and accountability in all activities, ensuring effective use of resources, and integrity in decision-making.

Guiding Principle: Maintain open and transparent communication, adhere to ethical standards, and establish mechanisms for accountability, monitoring, and evaluation of project outcomes.

Objective: Embrace adaptability and innovation to respond effectively to changing circumstances, emerging challenges, and opportunities in rural areas.

Guiding Principle: Foster a culture of continuous learning, embrace innovation, and remain flexible in our approaches to address evolving needs and maximise our impact in rural communities.


We have a team of volunteers (Rural Nurturers) who are passionate about positively making a difference in rural lives.

We leverage the principle of cooperative effort because to us, together means strength. We are open to partnerships and collaborations at local, national and international levels.

Our watchword here is “Together we can do great things– Mother Theresa

We prioritize accountability and thus provide prompt report and feedback to our partners/ sponsors. We emphasize flexibility and adaptability as we continuously revisit our plans and strategies to suit changing rural demands.









RNI became officially incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on March 21, 2019.