We are addressing rural poverty and hunger through social protection initiatives, livelihood empowerment and educational support.
Rural communities are faced with poverty, hunger, vulnerability and remain the headquarter of deprivations. Poverty in rural area is multidimensional and includes various alienation and deprivations such as: hunger, starvation, poor life expectancy, poor maternal health, illiteracy, poor nutritional status, inadequate access to safe drinking water and poor well-being.
According to World Bank (2018), about 80% of the extreme poor worldwide are living in rural areas. Africa remains the world’s most rural region and it is imperative that rural communities receive better attention to achieve an improved quality of living.
Our Rural Social Assistance Programme (RuSAP) plays a strategic role at supporting the poor and underserved populace by combating poverty, hunger and vulnerability, while seeking to provide livelihood diversification and empowerment for the teeming poor population to lead a better and sustainable life.

What we do?

Social Protection Initiatives

We engage in social protection programs such as food assistance, relief support, and cash transfers to provide vulnerable rural households with a safety net during periods of economic hardship or shocks.

Livelihood Diversification

We encourage diversification of livelihoods, exploring avenues beyond traditional agriculture to create sustainable income sources for rural communities.

Educational Support Initiatives

We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through improved access to education. We provide educational support to rural school children to ensure that education is accessible to all.


Rural Food Drive

  • We provide food support to mitigate hunger and malnutrition among rural families.

Rural Relief Outreach

  • We provide materials like clothes, shoes, and other physiological needs to support rural families.

Rural Livelihood Empowerment

  • To reduce poverty and vulnerability, we have empowered vulnerable women (widows) by providing financial aids to support their small scale businesses.

Educational Support

Back-to-school Packages

  • We help rural children get back to school by providing back-to-school packages that includes the necessary stationery (notebooks, pencil, eraser, crayon, biro, etc) needed at school.
  • We also provide textbooks and other teaching materials to school teachers.

School Uniform Intervention

  • We provide school uniforms to pupils whose parents cannot afford to get them one.

Crafts, creativity and competitions

  • We organise competitions like spelling bee, reading, recitations and games to add fun to the learning process.
  • We teach and encourage crafts and skills acquisition among rural pupils.

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