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On Friday, April 26, 2019, the atmosphere at the premiere University of Ibadan was agog as RNI sets to change to the existing narratives of rural dwellers in Africa.

Live at the UI Hotels, RNI held her inauguration ceremony amidst great joy with 104 participants witnessing the launch of this tidal rousing initiative.

The programme started at 1:40pm with opening prayer by Mrs Shola Iyiola, the proprietress of Fesola International Kiddies School, Lagos. Thereafter, Miss Damilola Iyiola, the Founder/CEO of the initiative went ahead to give her welcome address. In her welcome address she stirred up the interest of the participants as they witness the birthing of a disruptive idea. Then again, in her speech on ‘About RNI’, the CEO provided an insight to the vision and mission of the initiative; and most especially, she pointed out that RNI is a call, a response and an answer.

The CEO giving her speech

Following her speech was the presentation of the first speaker, Dr M. A. Ayanlowo the Director of Rural Development, Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development.

In his speech, Dr Ayanwolo elaborated on the important roles that Non-governmental Organizations play in all societies around the globe as well as their complementary activities towards Governmental efforts. It was an interactive and interesting session as the compere entertained reactions from the audience.

As a part of the agenda, there was a game to give some sort of comic relief to the already captivated audiencw. The game involved a social media activity in which three winners emerged. The winners were Miss Ifokwe Gift, Miss Adeshina Marvellous and Mr Adeola. Similarly, the early birds, who were the first to arrive at the event were also rewarded, they are, Mr Oyelude Seun, Mr Aniaihor Chijindu and Miss Tanimowo Oluwaseyi.

In the second presentation, Engr. (Mrs) R. A. Adabanija, The Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation, Oyo State Community and Social Development Agency (CSDP), discuss extensively on why the rural communities, and not the urban areas, should be the target for development. She also buttressed the roles of NGOs in achieving sustainable rural development in Nigeria. Using a geographical map, she spelt out rural areas in Oyo State that are deficient and in need of urgent assistance from NGOs. Her speech was followed by a question-and-answer session that was which was also adequately attended to by her.

Another interlude to excite the serious atmosphere was a creative spoken word rendition about the need to rescue the rural areas from poverty and hunger by Xrenegade_1 (Aniakor Chijindu Amen by birth). A participant reacted to his presentation as a poem that should be posted on RNI website.

The spoken word was followed by a call for donation towards RNI’s upcoming outreaches to rural communities. This was handled by Miss Joanna Mustapha, who motivated the audience drawing instances from the just concluded presentation. A short video was played after which Miss Damilola Iyiola came up to expatiate on Miss Joanna’s comment, urging the people to give their token to impact rural lives. This spurred up a great cooperation from the audience as they gave willingly towards the upcoming outreaches.

In recognition of their commitment towards rural development in Nigeria, Miss Damilola Iyiola presented a merit award to the two facilitators; and Mrs Funmilola Adedibu gave a closing remark. In the remark, she emphasized the need for all and sundry to rise to the call to impact rural lives and support RNI’s vision to alleviate poverty and hunger in rural communities.

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In conclusion, Miss Iyiola Damilola gave the vote of thanks in which she acknowledged and appreciated all participants and further implored them to continuously join forces and resources with RNI to make impacting rural lives a reality. A closing prayer was said and the birth of RNI was concluded.