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The January Edition of RNI’s Volunteers’ Connect, being the first for the year, was a preparatory event for the enormous task ahead.

It’s a fresh year with numerous potentials, thus, the Volunteers’ Connect tagged “IMPACT 2020”, achieved its aim of helping our team revisit our shared vision at RNI, refuel our passion and reinforce our action towards an IMPACTFUL year.

We had a conversation around Vision and Impact, which was facilitated by the Founder/Executive Director of Rural Nurture Initiative, Damilola Iyiola. It was a very interactive session as we discussed the concept of vision, the importance of having a vision and the barriers to achieving one’s vision.

“To serve at our best, there must be a point of interception between our individual vision and RNI’s vision” – Damilola Iyiola

Vision is to impact, what air is to man” – David Oyedepo

Beyond wearing the ‘volunteer’ tag, we would say that our Volunteers are visionaires with a sense of purpose.

Together, we are ready for an IMPACTFUL 2020!