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During rainy season in Agele and Mogba villages, the villagers are usually excited that there is water. They rush to line up their buckets on the ground below the edge of their roofs. They walk miles to streams where rain had gathered and fill up their pails. They don’t mind the algae growing on top nor the coloration in the water. All that matters is that they have something to drink, bathe and cook with.

However, during the dry season when the stream is dried, the people suffer from access to water for their daily use. They scramble and scoop the small water left in the stream, which according to them, is often contaminated by Fulani herdsmen and their cows.

RURAL NURTURE INITIATIVE (RNI) visited the villages and the situation can only be described as TERRIBLE, especially during dry seasons. The villagers lamented that they sometimes have nothing to drink or cook with it. RNI therefore proposes to dig 2 Wells in different locations that will serve the members of Agele, Mogba and their neigbouring villages.

Please watch this space for how we can collectively achieve this project. Many thanks in advance.

Cheers to National Progress!

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