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It was another impactful moment as the Rural Nurture Initiative team embarked on an educational outreach to St. Timothy RCM Primary School on 21st of September, 2019. The outreach focused on meeting the educational needs of the pupils as well as changing the parents and pupils’ orientation about the importance of education. With the aid of magnanimous donors, essential educational needs such as school uniforms, notebooks and other stationery were provided to the pupils while teaching materials were made available to the teachers.

The team, who arrived at the school at 10:28am, received a warm welcome by the pupils and teachers. The program kicked-off with a speech by the head teacher which was then followed by a recitation session to get the pupils familiarized with the team. During this period, attendance was taken to record students’ personal characteristics (name, age, sex and class).

The outreach consisted of various engaging activities such as spelling bee/reading competition, colouring and drawing competition, craft making (broom making competition). The pupils were encouraged to display their broom making skills and teach the process to RNI team. Distribution of school uniforms took place simultaneously, as the pupils were dressed in the uniforms donated by Rural Nurture Initiative.

Gifts items, ranging from customized RNI T-shirts to notebooks, crayons, pencils, and biscuits were presented to the winners of each competition by the Executive Director, Miss Damilola Iyiola. A career talk titled “Dream Big”, was given to the students on the importance of focus and hard work to achieve success. Up next was a talk with the parents on the importance of child education; this session proved to be very enlightening and interesting as the parents were responsive and inquisitive.

Back-to-school packages (notebooks and a purse containing pencils, biros, crayon, sharpener and eraser) were given to each student. Educational charts and posters were pasted by the team in the classrooms and learning materials such as textbooks, chalks, red and blue biros, liquid blackboard renovator, and notebooks were given to the teachers to aid the teaching process. Refreshment packages containing biscuit and sachet milk were distributed to the pupils, parents and teachers.

The program was rounded off with a picture session involving the Rural Nurture Initiative team, the parents, pupils and teachers. After a heartfelt vote of thanks by the head teacher, the team departed from Amuloko village, amidst greetings of gratitude from parents and teachers, who were appreciative of the contributions of the RNI to the School.

The outreach was such a historic and successful one!